Rockin’ Ricksters Radio Shows:

Want to check out my music radio shows that I do on The World Wide Legend? Well look no further. I do a show every Friday night at 9pm east where I have an all request show called the Friday night music train where I play pretty much anything that you request from the 50’s through the 80’s and later. I also do a Sunday show at 5pm east called Rockin’ with the Rickster, it’s 3 hours of your favorites from the past. Please visit the legend website link below to listen. Also if you’d like to make a request while I’m on the air, you can do so by clicking on the make a request link below. You can search my music library for songs and have the request sent to me by email. It’s a really fun way to be able to interact with me while I’m on the air!

Make a request:

Listening to and enjoying the show? How about Making a requestto hear your favorite song. Requesting a song is a great way to interact with me and make the show even better. Even if you don’t want to request a song, you might contact me via the email link below to just say that you are listening so I can give you a shout out on the air!

You can also make requests for my show by calling the Rockin’ Rickster listener request line at 701-801-3229.

Visit the Legend and ACBRI:

Be sure to visit The Legend and
ACBRI and check out all of the other great presenters and content there. Without their support my radio shows wouldn’t exist!

Contact Me:

If you would like to get in touch with me to comment on the shows or just say that you are listening, then email me at: Rickster@RicksterRadio.com

Blind Geek Zone:

Are you blind and want to find great resources to help you use your computer or that favorite electronic gadget better? Look no further than BGZ. It’s also a portal to tons of other websites a blind geek might want to visit!

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Website last updated on: October 28, 2018