Rockin’ Ricksters Radio Shows:

Want to check out my music radio shows that I do on The World Wide Legend? Well look no further. I do a show every Saturday night at 9pm east where I have an all request show called the Saturday night jukebox where I play pretty much anything that you request from the 50’s through the 80’s and later. Please visit the legend website link below to listen. Also if you’d like to make a request while I’m on the air, you can do so by clicking on the make a request link below. You can search my music library for songs and have the request sent to me by email. It’s a really fun way to be able to interact with me while I’m on the air!

Make a request:

Listening to and enjoying the show? How about Making a requestto hear your favorite song. Requesting a song is a great way to interact with me and make the show even better. Even if you don’t want to request a song, you might contact me via the email link below to just say that you are listening so I can give you a shout out on the air!

You can also make requests for my show by calling the Rockin’ Rickster listener request line at 206-338-0067.

Visit the Legend and ACBRI:

Be sure to visit The Legend and
ACBRI and check out all of the other great presenters and content there. Without their support my radio shows wouldn’t exist!

Contact Me:

If you would like to get in touch with me to comment on the shows or just say that you are listening, then email me at: Rickster@RicksterRadio.com


I’m looking for comments from the listeners of the show, I’d be very greatful if you would take a few minutes to participate.

Do you listen to the country jukebox at the end of each month?

Would you prefer the jukebox not have a country week?

Would you enjoy having country requests during the regular weekly shows?

What do you like most about the show?

What do you like least about the show?

Do you like me using a non legend phone number and email for requests for the show?

On May 1st I will loose my call in line for the show, what would you the listener like me to do?

General comments.

I appreciate your responses to any of the questions listed above, your participation helps me to give you the listener a potentially better show. You can send me a email to rickster@ricksterradio.com or you can call in to 206-338-0067 to give me your feedback!


Blind Geek Zone:

Are you blind and want to find great resources to help you use your computer or that favorite electronic gadget better? Look no further than BGZ. It’s also a portal to tons of other websites a blind geek might want to visit!

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Website last updated on: March 19, 2016